About Me

Hey there, I’m Mrunal! Welcome to my digital space where I write about my experiences, learnings and reflections.

I’m currently working as a Product Analyst at ShareChat where I’m a part of the team that’s building Data Platform for India’s largest non-English speaking Social Network. At ShareChat I’ve worked on data driven products enhancing user experience as well as on metadata driven products optimising platform performance.

I love writing and I believe it serves as a gateway to my fascinations about the nature, its wilderness and humanity among others. Sometimes, I use poetry as a medium of self conversation, and you’ll see the convoluted results in the poetry section!

Someone once said, “We are a sum total of our experiences, they make us the person who we are today” and I strongly agree. Here, in this blog I document my experiences - professional and personal. I write about my learnings on my product journey, share my experiences and reflect upon my ambitions and delusions.